About Me – Amalie Blog

Hello, my name is

Megan Cox

Beauty Manufacturer & Beauty Blogger

To say I’m obsessed with beauty would be an understatement: it’s all I do from sunrise to sunset (and into the wee hours of the night) every day of the year.

So how did an MIT grad get involved in beauty?

Easy. It’s like any other obsession. It slowly creeps up on you and never lets go.

Makeup turned to falsies, turned into lash extensions. A year later, my lashes were devastated. After another 6 months of research, WINK–my answer to my own sparse lashes and over-plucked brows–was born in my dorm room.

After finishing my degree, I moved to China, to get a better hold on manufacturing processes (although the formulas are manufactured in the US). I still spend most of my year in China; doing so helps add to my global knowledge of beauty. There are, after all, many forms of beauty.

On the Amalie blog, you’ll find my musings & analysis of everything beauty: from the science of beauty, to DIYs and how-tos, sales and shopping guides, analysis of ingredient panels and product effectiveness, to hues and shades and even the process of manufacturing beauty. You’ll see cosmetics and skincare, and beauty brands made in kitchens to massive factories (I don’t discriminate!) from all across the globe.

My reviews are a good mix of quantitative and qualitative, with perspective as both a beauty consumer and manufacturer.

So are you ready or what?

Let’s get beautiful together!