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5 Easy Ways to Save Money and Cut Your Environmental Footprint

If you feel like every time you turn around prices go up we have some simple changes that will help you to save money and help the environment.

  • Use Wool Balls vs Fabric Sheets

For about $10 you can get 4-6 wool dryer balls to help dry, fluff and reduce static cling. The wool balls can replace your dryer sheets and help to increase drying time which minimizes expenses and helps the environment. I wasn’t sure this would work for me but I have to say I love it! I chose to have white balls and darker colored balls so that I don’t get light fuzzies on my dark clothing. The balls do smell a little sheep like until they are used a few times. I have also read that you can add essential oils to the balls to add a scent. Tip: if you chose to add essential oils be sure to allow the oils to be fully absorbed otherwise they will transfer onto your clothes and linens.

  • Buy Large Containers of Household Basics and Refill Bottles

You can purchase large containers of dishwasher cleaner, liquid soap, creams and other products. When you do this you actually save money and cut down on plastic usage. Tip: No wholesale club membership needed. If you’r using mainstream products check your local Walmart for value sizes.

  • Make your own Cleaning Solutions

I switched to this years ago and have shared recipes with friends and family. I made this change because I didn’t want unknown or harmful chemicals in my home or in the environment. Focus areas I’d recommend are counter cleaners, window cleaner and bathroom cleaners. The formulas are simple and you’ll be surprised that most of the ingredients may already be in your cabinets. Want some ideas? We like this post from thekitchen.com for countertops. The one for granite counter tops I use is the best cleaner I have ever found. If you want more ideas, we like this post from apartmenttherapy.com for bathroom cleaners because they have a core formula but modify if for various cleaning tasks. If you want more ideas just check on line. You may even find a YouTube video showing you how to make it. Tip: invest in glass bottles with a spray tops.  You’ll be able to use them for years.

  • Stop Buying and Start UpCycling

I encourage you to stop shopping for clothing and housewares and invest some time in repurposing what you have. Old side table in your bedroom in dark wood? Spray paint it in a bright glossy color. Spray paints and paints in general have come a long way. Many of them don’t even require you to sand wooden furniture before painting. Need some new curtains? Consider using an old sheet or blanket. If you don’t have a sewing machine you can purchase fabric adhesive. Take a good look around your house and get creative.

Do the same with your clothing. Before you purchase something new dig in the back of your closet and be sure there isn’t something you can wear that you forgot about. This is especially good to do with jeans. Skinny jeans are out and more relaxed trouser styles are in. If you have something close you can go to a tailor and have them customize your updated fit. If you still need to purchase something new try a goodwill or local thrift shop first. Tip: you can also sell your clothes at most thrift shops. You might get lucky and be able to sell and buy so its break even.

  • Support Brands That Offer Refills or have Recycled Packaging

After years of over packaging, the beauty industry has finally come around to recyclable and even re-fillable packaging. Think glass or cardboard/paper vs plastic. Once you have this mindset apply it across everything you purchase. Often you save money and get better value from products packaged this way since they spend less on the packaging and more on the product ingredients or size (value). If everyone took this simple step we would save millions of tons of trash going to landfills. We are happy to say that all of Amalie Beauty items have and always will be placed inn recyclable packaging. Right now our organic beauty oils are 30% off if you’d like to try them.

In summary, there are some very simple steps that you can take to save money and reduce waste. Start up cycling, support recyclable brands, look for value size products, start using wool laundry balls and make your own cleaning solutions. If you have some ideas please share them.

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