About Me – Amalie Blog

Hello, my name is

Kristen Anderson

Beauty Manufacturer & Beauty Blogger

I personally believe every person has their own beauty. Beauty is more than skin deep but lets face it, having nice skin is a plus. I made the transition to organic and natural beauty in my 40’s.

I feel lucky to have found Amalie through the purchase of WINK for my eyebrows. WINK did wonders for me and I quickly became a regular user of all of the products.

When I began to research Amalie Beauty I knew the company was something special.  Megan Cox, the MIT student founder, developed some amazing products. Her expertise in chemistry and passion for the beauty industry helped to build the platform we continue to build upon.

On the Amalie blog, you’ll find musings & analysis of everything beauty: from the science of beauty, to DIYs and how-tos, sales and shopping guides, analysis of ingredient panels and product effectiveness, beauty trends and solutions. You’ll see cosmetics, skincare, beauty brands and lifestyle trends that allow you to define your own beauty.

This is where science, meets beauty meets real life.

So are you ready or what?

Let’s get beautiful together!