The Secret to Healthy Finger Nails your Manicurist will Never Tell You

If you get a manicure on the regular you may actually be damaging your fingernails. Yes, they look nice once they’re done but the health of your nail under the polish is likely not good.   What risks can manicures bring to your nails? Basic polish, gel, powder or acrylics all bring risks to you … Read more

Best Tips to Grow Strong, Healthy Nails and Prevent Them from Breaking

As we age, our nails may not be as strong and resilient as they once were. You may want long,natural nails, but just can’t seem to get there. In this case, people may opt for acrylics for theirdurability and length. However, acrylics can severely damage your nail beds causing your naturalnails to become even more … Read more

Great Beauty Resolutions for 2022

The quality of a person or an object of being physically attractive, appealing, and charming is what wecall beauty. As the year 2021 has ended, many of you might have made different resolutions aboutfitness, health, career, and even about reviving your relationships with your family or loved ones. Weoften ignore our skin and appearance while … Read more