CALM: The Perfect Organic Solution to Sore Skin

CALM Organic Soothing Oil During the winter months one of the largest skin issue is inflammation and skin irritation. This makes sense because your skin may be drier from cold weather and frosty winds. Want to learn more about the causes and remedies of winter skin irritation? We like this post from It can … Read more

The Secret to Healthy Finger Nails your Manicurist will Never Tell You

If you get a manicure on the regular you may actually be damaging your fingernails. Yes, they look nice once they’re done but the health of your nail under the polish is likely not good.   What risks can manicures bring to your nails? Basic polish, gel, powder or acrylics all bring risks to you … Read more

It’s Time for Non-Toxic Nail Polish!

News Flash, Nail polish can be toxic! Much like skin cream and makeup, studies show that the chemicals in nails can be absorbed into the body. Some of the top toxins that can cause damage include:  Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Resin – Yes, it’s the same ingredient used in embalming. It’s used for nail hardening. Formaldehyde … Read more