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No one can deny it–full eyebrows are in style and quite possibly here to stay.

Great brows are a huge confidence boost. Growing out your eyebrows, though, can be..awkward.

It’s safe to say that the Amalie team are the lash and brow pros: it’s literally all we do. So today we’re going to talk about how to make the process of growing out your brows a little faster and a little less, well, ..hairy.

Trust us: you don’t want to miss these proprietary brow-growing tips (especially Day 14’s tip!)

Let’s take it slow – starting from Day 0 of your decision to grow out your brows.

Day 0: Hey You! Put the Tweezers Down

Before we even get started, let’s get this straight: if you want to grow your brows out, you gotta stop pulling them out.

For now.

While genetics do play a part in your eyebrow’s fullness, most of were born with enough to work with–so to speak. The problem is we wax and tweeze and bother them to the point that they stop growing.

In an interview with Style Magazine, Cara Delevingne (pictured above) revealed that her biggest brow secret for her famous brows is to… wait for it…

do nothing.

She says she “doesn’t let anyone touch them.. just in case.” She doesn’t even let anyone else shape them.

Most of the time we’re better off with what we started with.

Day 1: Start Feeding Your Brows — Stat

We’ve said it a million times, but we’ll say it again: if you’re ready to regrow your brows, you need to accelerate the process from both the inside and the outside.

Start from the inside: Give your body what it needs to produce healthy hair. Eat plenty of protein and foods high in essential fatty acids. You can supplement with B vitamins (especially biotin!)–which are better known for helping unlock the energy in food, but also have been shown to promote hair growth–as well as vitamins C and A.

Finish on the outside: An extremely important part to speeding up the regrowth process is to nourish your brows on the outside. Give them what they need to grow. Just like conditioning your hair, brow conditioners can make brows stronger, softer and less prone to breakage. Most brow conditioners also contain ingredients that can speed up the growth process.

Give your lashes (and brows!) a boost with Amalie’s own natural lash and brow enhancer, Wink.

Make sure to vigorously massage the serum into the skin, for better absorption and increased blood circulation. Apply the serum daily (or even twice daily) for best results. A full brow cycle is 8-12 weeks, so you will need to use the product through that entire period to see the desired results.

Day 7: Set a Goal: Choose Your Optimal Brow Shape

Now that you’re a few days into this, you can take some time to choose the perfect brow shape for your face. We need a goal to look forward to after all, right?

Have a friend help confirm your face shape with you, and pick the brows that match that face shape. Read the chart below for the “eyebrow solution”–the function of your eyebrows for your face shape. You can also visit this guide to learn the “why” of brow shaping for your face shape.

Then, Google some celebrities with your face shape to confirm the style (a girl can dream, right?). This should also give you a little more motivation to keep the tweezers IN. THE. DRAWER.

Here’s a chart to help you choose a face shape and matching brow shape:



And a few celebrities with their corresponding face shapes:



Side note: I am secretly jealous of all you heart-shaped women out there! The heart-shaped celebrities are soo cute.

Day 14: Don’t Tweeze – try THIS instead (it really works!)

By day 14, if you’re using a growth enhancer, you should start to see some new brow growth–especially on your inner corners–and probably some really wonky hairs in no-mans-land. So.. you’ve earned it. You can tweeze a little. We’re talking very, VERY sparingly.. on the wonky hairs out in left field. If you don’t think you have enough self-control, don’t even pick them up.

What you can do a little more of, is snip. That’s right, you can pick up the brow scissors and cut any hairs that have popped up outside of the 20% line, below:


The great thing about trimming these individual hairs is that you can trim them down to the skin so they look invisible, but the root is still there and growing; that means they’ll grow back fast, and you’re not risking doing any damage to the follicle of the hair. Within a few days to a week, they’ll be back! So while they might look really weird now, in a week some hairs closer to your brow line may have popped in, making those weird hairs now look.. pretty normal. This is how I keep my OCD in check when growing out my brows and keep the inner tweezer-happy-self at bay, while still feeling like I have manageable looking brows in the interim.

The results? Awesome.

This may sound crazy, but as a safety feature, you can actually draw your desired eyebrows on as a guide, then safely snip at least 20% outside of your desired brow area. Maybe you say just “ohh just one more hair!” to yourself. Sound familiar? Yep. Nope. Draw on the lines to draw the line with yourself, or you’re going to start guide this all over.

While you’re at it, limit yourself to snipping like this just once every other week. And please, be careful! It’s easy to get snip-happy, too. While the results aren’t as long-lasting, it can look really strange and you’ll feel like an idiot immediately afterwards. So go slow and take your time; there’s no rush. What you don’t want is to accidentally snip off your brows in the process of trying to trim down 1 hair to the root.

Day 30: Feelin’ a little Hairy, Huh?

Keep following the 80/20 rule to tweeze spare hairs. Brows will look a little unruly at this point, because you are smack dab in the middle of a growth cycle, where half of your old brow hairs are just chilling and half of your new hairs are popping up.

Feel free to start filling in your brows until the process is complete. If you have particularly thin brows or thin patches, you might want to use a brow powder as well as a light brow pencil–like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Pencil–to draw in some light hair-like strokes (almost like the brow strokes in illustrations above!)

Make sure to use a brow brush to soften the lines created by a pencil and/or brush the powder through your natural brow hairs, for a softened natural look overall.

The final look should be very soft and natural:



Day 50: Ready to Go!

Your brows should be back to normal by now! Your hard work has paid off.

If you’re still lacking some hair on the outer corners of your brows, continue to use a growth product like WINK for up to 16 weeks (2 brow cycles).

Continue to use a brow enhancer every other day to maintain your results.

And while you’re at it.. pat yourself on the back. You’re offically one step closer to elite model status.



Ready to get started on your dream brows?



  • hi,

    so for the past 4 years my mum has waxed, tweezed and occasionally threaded my brows. she always took off the inner corners of my brows so i basically had thin, half-eyebrows. any time i grew out my brows and didn’t do anything with them because i was too lazy my mum would put me down for it saying i’m trying to grow a monobrow and just joking about them at my expense.

    in august 2016 i decided that i would grow out my brows. it took me a month to get the desired shape and i got them done. i finally had my brows back and i loved them. usually my mum would’ve commented on my brows but during the month of me growing my brows out she didn’t say anything.

    fast forward to the end of february this year and my mum suddenly decided to wax the stray hairs under my brows. i was fine with that but she kept on saying let me wax your actual brow its too long and hairy and they look disgusting. from when i got them done in september 2016 i hadn’t gone back to get my brows done, in fact i was going to get them done later that week in february. i kept on saying no, then suddenly she put the wax strip on half of my eyebrow and pulled it off. she did the same on the other brow and i looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe it. my brows were literally gone and i was back to my half-eyebrows again. i literally cried about them i was so embarrassed i didn’t want to leave the house. where she waxed them they were red and the skin there was really dry, every time i put oil there to try and grow them back i would have small pimples. this went away after a week or so of applying aloe vera gel and milk to the skin.

    a couple of weeks ago i went to have my eyebrows only shaped where there were stray hairs, so i could start filling in my brows and have a good shape. none of the brow hairs i have been growing were touched.

    its now the start of april (so just over a month) and i’ve been applying a diy brow serum, coconut oil, vaseline and different kinds of home remedies to my brows. i have had some really good growth and i have quite a few long and healthy hairs on both brows, and new sprouting brow hairs, but the growth is very slow now, and they are still quite patchy. i read how my brow shape will never be the same as it was before, but will the new sprouting hairs grow? will my patchy brows become fuller? will they grow back fully within the next month? i know my brows were affected badly because they hadn’t been waxed in the inner corners for almost 6 months since i grew them and had a good shape before. please help. thank you.

    • Hi there! Well, first of all, you might want to sit down and have a talk with your mum. What she’s doing to you? Not cool. At all.

      Second, it’s hard to tell. When you keep pulling your brows out over and over again in the same spots, they kind of “take the hint” and decide to stop growing. I over-plucked by inner corners for years, and while they look fine with the slightest bit of brow product, without any product at all one is still a bit sparse. I just don’t think there’s anything I can do for it. I overplucked for too long.

      That being said, brows take a long time to grow back. A month isn’t long enough to know, really. You need to give them several months to see the full results.

      I’d stop using vaseline on them now. Look at WINK’s formula; it’s taken me 5 years to get it perfect. You can make your own serum with a few of the ingredients and see how it goes. Just be patient with them and don’t let your mom get near your eyebrows again. Seriously not cool.

      • thanks so much, this really helped. honestly i’ve already tried talking to my mum, and every time i brought it up i would be close to having my half-eyebrows again, but i definitely will not be letting my mum anywhere near my brows again. also it’s really frustrating me waiting for them to grow because the bald patches just don’t seem to have any new growth. did you have any bald patches while growing out your brows? if you did, how long did it take for them to grow out?

        • I did, yes. The inner corners of my brows (and outer corners too, but the inner corners were really obvious) had been over-plucked for probably 8 years or so. It took about 4-6 months to get them back to a good place.

  • Do you know how to grow shaved eyebrows back please some one tell me

    • hi!

      as a temporary fix whilst your brows grow out you’ll need to buy an eyebrow pomade (the nyx one is amazing), eyebrow powder to set the pomade so it doesnt smudge and spooly to brush your brows as they grow out. if you aren’t allowed to wear makeup the best thing could be to have a fringe cut to cover your brow area and have regular trims. now, to naturally grow out your brows there are several videos on diy growth serums. the one that worked the best for me is filling a small container with equal amounts of vitamin e oil (in capsules or from a bottle), aloe vera gel and fractionated coconut oil (the natural one can be melted but leaves a skin on top of the serum when left for a few minutes). Natural coconut oil is great to use as a makeup remover though. all of them can be purchased online from amazon. the YouTuber ItsCatMat has the full method on this which is where I got it from. they will take a few weeks to grow since its your full brows that need growing out however it’s better that they’ve been shaved off rather than waxed/threaded/plucked because shaving is like trimming them and not removing the entire hair follicle. hopefully this helps!

  • Hi. Well, i just found this post. I’m losing my mind with my brows. I think i’ve overplucked them to shapelessness. My mom is kinda like the one described in the first comment, but she just says that i’ll look like a monkey o like Frida with my *non-existent* monobrow lol 😁 i’ve tried to grow them back. some hairs have grown back but they are so thin, pale and dull. I don’t know what to do 😥 so many years of tweeezing 🙈 i would love them to be thicker 😏

  • hi. im a guy and i don’t really have good eyebrows (not a hairy guy) i still have loose hairs on my legs (not really normal, idk why) and im 21. ive been applying aloe vera + castor oil on my brows for a very long time but it just sprout small hairs. also, i tried trimming them with scissors and they look bad lmao. help please!!! how can i have a bushy eyebrows?

  • help plz i recently accidentally shaved off my eyebrows and idk what to do all my friends say to put castor oil on them and “pray” but i read online that that dammages them more plz . help im so lost and i want my beautiful baby brown brows back

  • Hi I was recently plucking my brows and I plucked them a bit short and now I have just over half a brow on both sides. I don’t know what to do to make them grow back. My mum did it when she was 15 and she still doesn’t have them back. Pls help how do I end up back with my old perfect brows again.

  • Hi. I shaved off my brows. I need help. I have been waiting for months and they haven’t gotten any better. It is almost summer and I’m worried that my brow filler will wash off in the pool. Help please

    • Hi Natilia,
      There are some waterproof brow products as well as some tutorials on line. I know it’s frustrating but best to not pluck, shave or treat – just let nature takes it’s course. If you want to try to expedite the growth process you may want to try a product like WINK Lash & Brow Serum. We recommend items with natural fatty acids in them as they naturally stimulate hair follicles to move from a dormant phase to a growth phase. You could have damaged some hair follicles permanently and if you did they will never grow hair but time will tell.
      Fingers crossed your hair returns soon.

  • Hi, so yesterday I took a bold move and shaved off my thin eyebrows so that they could grow again. I then used onion plus rice water on them and today morning I saw a strand of hair peeking. How long would it take to grow them out thicker?

    • Wow, that was a bold move. Eyebrows grow back at different rates for each person but unfortunately it is going to take some time. For most it could be 3 months before you have your brows back. Hang in there.

  • My eyebrows used to be really long on the edge and a bit thicker, yesterday I got my eyebrows waxed and I went to someone else that doesn’t do my eyebrows because the one who usually does my eyebrows couldn’t at the moment and I couldn’t wait anymore, the lady that I did them with made my eyebrows a bit shorter and thinner than usual, will my eyebrows grow back to the same length and size they were before? Please let me know! I need help I really want my eyebrows back because I loved how they looked before I don’t really like this shorter and thinner version of it. Please help, let me know if they can regrow back to what they used to look like and what I should do!!

    • Hi Emely,
      Your not alone in your situation. No worries – your eyebrows should grow back – your just going to have to be patient. It should take a few months for you to see new growth unless she damaged your hair follicles (and good waxing or threading shouldn’t). If you want to try to stimulate growth we’d recommend a natural essential fatty acid solution Like our WINK to help speed the process along.
      Hang in there,

      • Yes, i don’t think she waxed incorrectly in fact my eyebrows were done nicely and look very clean now, I’d just like the original length and thickness to come back. Hopefully she didn’t damage the follicle ( which i honestly don’t think she did). Thank you so much for your help i was really afraid that my eyebrows length and thickness wouldn’t come back at all. Do you think the length can return fully? and i will be using some products to help speed the process, thanks for the recommendation.

  • Tame unruly hairs.  As we said before, when growing out your brows it s typical for things to get a little messy. During this process, we recommend using a brow gel to keep the hairs in place. Just brush the gel over your brows for a more polished look.

  • People in my area don’t know that shampoos that grow your hair fast (of course with no sulfates, no parabens or DEA) even exist. We all are now able to experience longer hair and attain more options. For sure worth considering. When you’re discussing hair loss, hair damage, preventing scalp disorders, hair growth, hair care more often than not, the same principles become relevant. For the most part, you should try to avoid hair products and treatments that contain chemicals like parabens, DEA and sulfates. What’s healthy for your hair is beneficial for your skin all the same. Clearly your content here hits the nail in the head for multiple reasons. It avoids the usual errors and mistakes so many fall into- utilizing defective alternatives. Greatly appreciated!

  • […] work with first, check our guides to “Growing Out Your Brows” (here, hereand here), our article on brow enhancing serums (here) or learn about our very own natural lash + brow […]

  • I really like Dermalmd Eyebrow Growth Serum. I started noticing results after about a month. My brows seemed thicker and gradually filled in more over time. I’ve been using it consistently for four months and my hair colorist looked at me the other day and said “wow, what have you been using? Your bows look almost bushy!” As with any topical treatment you have to be consistent with application and if you stop using the product you will stop seeing results. I haven’t had any negative side-effects. A few of my brow hairs get quite a bit longer than the others, but I trim them and am not complaining!


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