The Magic of Facial Oil

Skincare and more specifically organic skincare have become very popular recently. In recent surveys, facial skincare makes up 19% of the beauty industry as a whole. So why is skincare so hot? The no-makeup trend has helped to emphasize focus on beautiful skin and skincare. Some of the focus has to do with the desire … Read more

Zion Health Product Review

Zion Health is a small natural health company specializing in the healing powers of Kanwa Clay Minerals. The company founder is an avid believer and user of natural healing remedies discovered certain types of clay contain a powerful combination of minerals that can heal many different ailments of the body with little side effects. The … Read more

Why You Need to Invest in Makeup Tools

Financially-savvy people often have a dilemma between two right decisions. One problem would be to buy expensive makeup tools with the highest quality that can last for years, or go for low budget tools that can be replaced easily after a year. Such makeup tools are essential in applying  Skinfood makeup products like their Fresh … Read more

Lip Blushing Considerations

With the advent of COVID 19 there has been an increased interest in simplified makeup routines. Women are seeking ways to look good with little effort. One of the hottest new trends is called lip blushing; aka semi-permanent lipstick. Lip blushing is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo on the lips that enhances the beauty of the … Read more

Sea Changes in Beauty

Natural Beauty Wins the Day With Covid-19 we have all had to learn how to do things ourselves, we’ve had to learn to do without and have had to define what is most important to us. There is no doubt that our beauty habits have definitely shifted. Will any of these new behaviors stick? A … Read more