Why You Need to Invest in Makeup Tools

Financially-savvy people often have a dilemma between two right decisions. One problem would be to buy expensive makeup tools with the highest quality that can last for years, or go for low budget tools that can be replaced easily after a year. Such makeup tools are essential in applying  Skinfood makeup products like their Fresh … Read more

Lip Blushing Considerations

With the advent of COVID 19 there has been an increased interest in simplified makeup routines. Women are seeking ways to look good with little effort. One of the hottest new trends is called lip blushing; aka semi-permanent lipstick. Lip blushing is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo on the lips that enhances the beauty of the … Read more

Sea Changes in Beauty

Natural Beauty Wins the Day With Covid-19 we have all had to learn how to do things ourselves, we’ve had to learn to do without and have had to define what is most important to us. There is no doubt that our beauty habits have definitely shifted. Will any of these new behaviors stick? A … Read more

Introducing: Limited Editions Organic Lemon Moisturizing Potion #4

Moisturize, Brighten & Heal Welcome our latest Limited Edition Organic Potion. As promised, we listed to your requests and have created an oil that moisturizes, brightens and heals skin. This time we used a new oil – Kukui nut oil. Kukui is a Hawaiian natural moisturizer rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants that … Read more

Announcing: Grow For It! Natural Mascara

Grow for It! Natural Mascara If you’ve ever tried to find a good natural mascara (without harmful or unknown ingredients) then you know how challenging it is. We tried everything in the market and couldn’t find anything we liked. Too oily, too thick (clay build up), too thin, smudgy… you get the picture. Then it … Read more

Looking for a Natural Way to Grow BROWS? WINK Has You Covered

Lush eyebrows are in high demand.  For many, the question is how to grow brows without unnatural chemicals. There are so many claims out there, its tough to tell what the best clean option is. Enter WINK. WINK has been a growing brand for over 5 years; always natural, organic and transparent about the ingredients … Read more

Hot Weather Makeup Tips

It’s getting hot out there! No one wants a face that looks greasy, lips and lashes that smudge or makeup dripping off your face. Here are some tips to keep you looking your best even under extreme conditions. Lighten up on your Base Coats Use Oil Free Moisturizers – Experts recommend using liquids or gels … Read more