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So you shaved your eyebrows. Maybe it was recently, maybe a long time ago, or maybe–gasp–somebody shaved them (worst prank ever). Or maybe you’re just considering it as a cheap option for brow management or somebody told you it’s a trick to grow in brows thicker and darker (not true).

Don’t feel bad: almost everyone has shaved their eyebrows at some point.

Let’s talk about solutions. Here’s what to do next:

Shaved eyebrows aren’t a great look on anyone.

Eyebrows help frame your face: they create structure for the rest of your face to fit into. If you shave them off, you’re going to look a little..well.. peculiar.

Shaving as a Brow-Shaping Alternative

Shaving could be considered a cheap, do-it-yourself alternative to brow waxing, threading or plucking. Albeit, it’s fast. But let’s dig in a little deeper to some issues with shaving your eyebrows.

1. Forget about precision

It’s almost impossible to be precise with a razor. Brows are fickle: pluck one too many hairs and the shape is out of whack. The average razor is about 2 inches wide. Forget about getting precise with that margin of error.

2. Once they’re gone, they’re gone–but just for now

Your brows can take anywhere from 8-16 weeks to grow back in fully, depending on your age and metabolism. That being said, it should be a bit faster when you shave, because you just cut the hair, not the follicle. Additionally, shaving shouldn’t cause the same trauma to the hair follicle that plucking, waxing or threading would. It doesn’t remove the brow hair at the base of the follicle, it simply cuts the hair at the skin. In this way, shaving can be “safer” for guaranteed brow regrowth. That doesn’t mean it’s a good alternative.

3. They’ll start to grow back, but it won’t be pretty

The brow hairs are cut at the skin, not removed at the base of the follicle. This means, much like your legs or armpits, the hair is going to start poking through the skin again in a few days but it’s going to look weird. Like, really weird. Your brow hairs will be short and blunt. They will appear “spiky” and may be rough to the touch. They will be impossible to shape.

4. They won’t actually grow in thicker and darker

We all believe it, right? Your hair will grow in thicker and darker if you shave it. We’ve seen it first-hand on our legs. Right.. right?!


What you’re seeing is the blunt edge of the hair as opposed to the tapered natural end of your hair. You continue to shave your leg hair, barely allowing it the luxury of growing back in. Your brow hair, however, will shed and regrow in at some point. Your eyebrows shed a lot faster than your head hair. They also go through the stages of regrowth a lot faster.

So while you won’t have thicker or darker brow hair permanently, you might have to illusion of darker brow hair for a few weeks to months.

But I already shaved them.. What now?

If you already shaved your eyebrows, you have no choice but to let them grow in and skip the razor next time. You shouldn’t cause any permanent damage to your eyebrows by shaving them, though again, they might appear thicker or darker for a short period of time because you have cut the blunt edge of the hair.

We suggest reading up on brows and next time either doing the plucking yourself, or enlisting an expert.

We also suggest filling in your brows with a fine-tipped brow pencil, like Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Brow Wiz. This type of pencil is so fine, you can redraw in the hairs lightly. Download our Brow Bible for full tips on filling in your brows.

Ready for Additional “Brows”ing?

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Get tips on regrowing, shaping and filling brows with our free E-book: The Amalie Brow Bible 



  • I would love to be updated accordingly for every new AMALIE product!
    Thank you!
    I love my WINK !

    • Hehe – we love you too, Karla! I’ll sign you up 🙂

    • Hi I’m 12 and yesterday I tried to shave the hair on my face because when I do my makeup it looks cakey but when I turned my hair to look at my phone I shave some of my eyebrow of and I have school on Monday 😫😫 and I had perfect eyebrows what do I do to make them grow back with in 2 days!!Plz HELP

    • Ummm,so I couldn’t find tweezers and I used manicure scissors to do my eyebrows and I ran out of time one eyebrow id smaller than the other what can I do school in 3 days!!! My friend offered to let me borrow their eyebrow pencil!! But how long would it take to grow back

  • Hi. Doesn’t it depend on the razor size? With mini razors you can control the shape.

  • I am a 14 year old boy I didn’t want a monbrow for school so I shaved and I got stubble how do I get rid of it?

    • Do you mean stubble in the middle space, between the brows? You have to let it grow out, then you can pluck the hairs one by one. Shaving will blunt the ends of the hairs, so they will temporarily look darker than they are, but once they’re just long enough to pluck, you can get them out.

      • Help me asap im 13 and I have a VERY FAST metabolism. This is the 1st time ive Ever had my eyebrows done. I am a girl and I let my sister do them. But, she shaved them. And my mema said they will grow out straight, and like a mans beard. Please help. I am so scared I ruined my outer brow for life!!!!

  • HELP ME ASAP !!!😬😬😬
    I’m a 11 girl and I was trying to shave the hair in the middle of my eyebrows but accidentally shave a bit of one !!! How can I grow it back in like 9 hours !! School tomorrow so please answer ; I look like a freak !😩

    • Awww! Isabelle, we’ve all been there. Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do today to get the hair to grow back, but since you shaved off a bit of your brows instead of overplucking them, they’re likely to grow back sooner rather than later. For now, try using a brow pencil or a matching eyeshadow color to lightly fill in the area (matte shade, not sparkly!). Nobody will notice it unless you point it out! So take a few deeps breaths and walk into school with tons of confidence. Your brows will be back to normal in no time!

    • I did that and I am 11 wtf

    • Help I’m 15 and I did it on accident and I have school tomorrow and I’m embarrassed now

    • I shaved the middle of my eyebrows and I need help like now I have school tomorrow and I’m going to get made fun of 😭

      • I did the same thing it’s been 2 weeks and it’s not even half way grown in we were on break now I have go back to school and I look even dumber then before.

  • What about school?! People will make fun of me what will I do?

    • Did you shave them all off or just a bit too much? I would suggest a really thin brow pencil, like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz or the Maybelline Brow Define + Fill Duo (I think it’s $8 at most drugstores). Do your best!

    • HELP qutar of eye brow missing and I have school in to months HELP

    • Same I have school tomorrow and I’ll get made fun of for sure 😭

  • Shaved brows can be surprising liberating. I use Anastasia dip brow to draw mine on. People compliment my brows all the time.

    AND LIKE, I USED AN EYELINER PENCIL TO DO THEM AND THEY GET MOIST??? It looks frickin weird dude help

    • I love your comment! HAHAHA. Go to the search bar and look for anything you can imagine. We have articles on how to use brow pencil, how to use eyeliner as brow pencil, how to choose your shape, etc. Just type in “eyebrows” “brow wiz” “brow liner” “beauty hack” – whatever! We have a ton of brow resources that can help you get your brows back into shape while they grow into place. 😛

  • Hi I’m a 15 year old girl and I tried to shave slits into my eyebrows and I messed up terribly and had to shave both brows completely off and now I look terrible and I tried drawing them back in with an eyebrow pencil but you can tell it’s totally fake and I’m kinda scared because I have school tomorrow and I can’t get my eyebrows to look real and I’m freaking out do you know about how long it might take to grow back? And do you know anything I can do so I can at least appear to still have eyebrows? Please help 🙏

    • Hi love! Sorry to hear about the mishap. You’re young and you just shaved them, so you may have them all back in 3 or 4 weeks.

      I would suggest using a gentle oil every night on your brows to help them grow. If you can’t afford our brow enhancer WINK, I would suggest picking up a bottle of Jamaican Black Castor Oil on Amazon (about $7) and trying that every morning and night. Take a Q-tip, dip it in the oil, and rub a little into your brows. Massage it in with your finger tips. Don’t wash or rinse it off for at least 1 hour.

      If you need some more tips on brows / how to draw them in / what to use, the NYX Microbrow pencil is the cheapest drugstore brow pencil I’d recommend. It’s really fine, so you can draw in individual hairs. It’s a knock-off (ish) of Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Brow Wiz.

      Most importantly, don’t sweat it! Just do your best and be patient. You’ll be alright!

    • I don’t no how to help you but it about 4 months for mine to grow back xxx

  • please help me. i lost a best and had to slit my eyebrow. How long will it take ???

  • HELP NEEDED!!! I shaved off the arch of my eyebrow 1 week ago and have a wedding in about 5 days!!!! There are little tiny hairs where I shaved it and I need it to grow back fully real fast!!! Please tell me how long it will take and if it’ll be done in about 5 days!!!! Thank you!!😭

    • It will probably take longer than 5 days, love. The best way to grow back hairs fast is to use a brow enhancer, but 5 days is a tight timeline. If I were you, I’d do my best with some brow products. NYX Micropencil, ABH Brow Wiz — something that can help you replicate the small hair-like strokes!

  • I just shaved a bit of hair on my bridge and accidently stumbled over sonjoe my eyebrows are messed up I’m 14 how long would it take to grow back 😭😭will they grow back by time school starts with

  • I need help ASAP! I’m a 12 year old girl in 7th grade.I was trying to shave a unibrown I was growing with the razor I use for my legs and I accidently shave a bit more on each side and it looks super weird and from kinda far away it looks like a have a really far eyebrow gap.I have school tommorow!!what should I do???

  • Ummm… HELP I was watching Jenna Marbles Shaving her brows off because she wanted better brows. I did the same. I look dumb. Is there any at home diy recipes to enhance brow growth! HELP! – 13 year old girl

  • HELP!!
    I’m a 10 year old girl who shaved the bridge of my eyebrow off by accident. Now I look angry all the time and it’s absolutely HORRID! I have a fringe to hide it for a while, but is there any way I can make them look better, without alerting my parents or friends that they’re fake? I need this ASAP please >~<

  • Please answer back; I’m 12 years old, and this girl made a mean (trying to be joking) comment on my eyebrows. I decided to try to shave them by shaving them, but I messed up, and I cut the ends. I’ve read a few other articles that told me to use coconut oil, which I used, because I don’t want to have to buy anything. But I want to know how long they will grow back. 😫

    • It might take some time, honey. It will probably just be a few weeks. Coconut oil will do a bit. Wink is probably too expensive for you to buy, but just try castor oil if you can get your hands on it. Good luck!

  • Basically you just rub in on your eyebrows a couple times a month and let it soak for 30 minutes, which will get the follicles to make hair faster.

  • Im a 15 yr boy an I cut my eyebrows one year ago (not completely but I cut a big part of them)and they changed a lot,first of all,they become bushy and a LOT darker and I wonder if there’s a certain way to get them to how they were before (to the lighter color)

  • hi i’m a 15 yr old girl and i was using’ a face mask and a little got on the end of my brow and it pulled it off… now they’re different lengths. it wasn’t shaved off but pulled off with a face mask , will it take longer to grow back and arz there any products or home remedies i can use to grow it back faster or hide it?? thank you so much in advance

  • Hi I accidentally cut a line in the middle off one of my eyebrow! !! Please look and answer back please!!!!!!😨😰😟😳

  • Hi so I decided to clean up my eyebrows up with a razor and shaved off my fine hairs on my forehead will it show up more than before or stay the same! Please answer asap xx

    • Sarah,
      Your fine hair on your forehead should not grow back thicker than they were previously.
      Try not to worry

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  • I have no eyebrows too, i shaved them off 😸
    Its so libertating. You cant believe it, but that all want us just to be “pretty” is unbearable.
    Now i just feel great

  • Getting older I lost a lot of volume in my eyebrows so I gave brow growth dermalmd serum a try. I’ve been using it for about 10weeks now and I’ve got my eyebrows back. I even had to get them waxed (first time in 2 years). This I won’t be without again


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