2 Key Fall Skin Care Tips

Summer is coming to an end and if your like me your excited for the fall. After a record braking sultry summer they are predicting an unusually frigid winter. These new global warming weather patterns bring new challenges to our skin regimes. You can stay ahead of the changes by adjusted 2 key things. Moisturize … Read more

What Are the Treatments To Help Improve Skin Elasticity?

Skin elasticity is a general term that describes how a material stretches when pulled on. Theskin has an elasticity of between 1 and 3%. Elastic skin adapts to the changing environment andprovides good health and well-being. Some treatments can help improve skin elasticity,including lasers, creams, injections, electric pulses, massage therapy, and deep tissuestimulation.The article will … Read more

Can a liposuction remove cellulite from the body?

Cellulite is a fat-related skin condition that affects millions of people. It appears as small, lumpybumps on the skin and generally affects women over 25 and obese men. While suction cannotremove cellulite, there are other methods to reduce or clear up any cellulite you might have. Itcan be treated to help patients from becoming self-conscious … Read more

What Can I Expect After a Facelift?

A rhytidectomy is the most common cosmetic surgery done around the world. It is a surgery inwhich a surgeon removes excess, unwanted fat and other natural tissue from your neck, face,and chin to give you an enhanced appearance. Rhytidectomy can help people suffering fromprematurely aging skin or may be needed by some individuals because of … Read more

Want to Lose Weight, Build Strength and Gain Lean Muscle? Try Body Pump

Body Pump is a bar bell weight lifting program that works every major muscle group in 55 minutes. The instructor run class is built around repetition and form and the whole program is set to contemporary music. I have honestly not found anything better to tone, strengthen and burn calories quickly.  The official program is … Read more

Best Youthful Exercise Plan for Women 50+

For most of us turning 50 brings lots of changes to our bodies. Many of which aren’t so great. As you age your body produces less collagen, your skin becomes drier, your hair thins, your heart rate slows and your bone density declines. By the time you’re in your 50s, you have more broken-down bone cells … Read more

What order should you apply skincare products?

The order of your skin regime is important as proper layering helps to minimize irritation and assists in locking in the helpful ingredients. DayTime Cleanser – The cleaning step in your facial regime is undoubtably one of the most important. Regular cleansing with the proper product is essential to keeping your skin looking radiant and healthy. … Read more