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Spring Makeup Trends 2023

Spring is just around the corner and if you’r wondering whats in style we’ve got you covered. A beautiful, fresh, natural face is still the priority but there is an additional surprising trend towards bright pops of color in your eyes and lips. Interested? Let’s get into the details of how to put this look together.

Getting that Clean, Fresh Skin

The fresh, clean skin look starts with healthy, glowing skin. The key drivers of healthy skin are proper moisture, even skin tone, avoidance of the sun and a healthy diet with lots of water. Since the sun will be getting stronger we recommend finding a good day time face moisturizer that has SPF in it. To help with even and bright skin tone we recommend SHINE Brightening Face Oil. SHINE naturally fades dark spots & blemishes on the skin, for a more even skin tone. Vitamin C from pomegranate, arbutus from bearberry, glabridin from licorice fade blemish marks & brighten dark spots, while vitamin E rich argan & jojoba oils moisturize. Day or night, this oil blend is sure to please, with its light, silky texture, and soft jasmine fragrance. SHINE hydrates and nourishes, naturally diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. SHINE also brighten dark spots, fades blemishes, & moisturize dry skin. SHINE is 76% organic and a few drops can even be added to your foundation to give you that extra glow. If you want to try SHINE for the first time use promotion code NEWBIE and you’ll get 30% off. 

Once you’ve got the clean, fresh, healthy skin you can add a light foundation or blend coverup in just the spots needed. To be honest, the goal is not to need foundation. When it comes to your diet. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetable but most importantly lots of water.

Pops of Color for Your Eyes

Wether you try the upside down eye shadow look, where you place the bold shadow under your lower lid, or you try a bright smokey lid, rich, dramatic, bold colors are in. There are literally hundreds of posts and tutorials on youtube so if you have some free time on a rainy weekend check them out. You may find a look that you’d like to try. We like this post from merakilane.com because they outline the steps and considerations to a bold eye look but also include some instruction.

If you’r struggling to find the best eye shadow for your eye color we love this post from reapplelipstick.com https. They show you how to build the perfect color options. You can use this as a guide when considering bold eye looks and just choose shades with deeper, brighter pigments. Tip: since this trend is more than likely not going to be your everyday look we recommend purchasing your eyeshadow items at one of the national drug stores. Use your coupons and remember that many of them have a return/exchange policy in case you may have chosen a pallet that you don’t like. 

Pops of Color for Your Lips

Along with the lovely softer shades for spring like mauve, soft pink and peach you can also add bolder oranges, corals, deep berry or shades of orchid. If you have a good red for your skin tone, which isn’t easy to find, that is always a good option. We love the idea of wearing the softer shades to work throughout the day and shifting to the brighter, bolder shades for nighttime or special occasions. If your super confident and wearing a rich pigment shade 24/7 is you’r thing, this spring is the perfect time to go for it. To find the right everyday shade for your face you should seek a lip shade that is 2 times deeper than your natural lip color. 

If your still not sure what shade will look best on you here is a general guide:

Light, Pale Skin tone – try light pink, coral, nudes or peach shades

Medium skin tone – try rose, berry or mauve colors

Darker skin tone – try lip shades with an orange undertone. You can also try deep berry and purple shades

Okay, we hear you saying “how do I determine my skin tone?” We love this post from wikihow.com  because they explain skin tone in a simple effective way which will help lead you to your optimal lip shade.

To summarize, spring 2023 makeup offers the chance to showcase your healthy skin while introducing bold pops of color on your lips and eyes. Have fun and add a little drama to your day or night.

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