Take an Honest Assessment of Your Face  In this new decade I am recommending you do the unthinkable. Deep clean your face and then stand in front of a mirror with bright sunlight. Take a good long look at all of your facial features. Since we tend to get stuck in patterns relative to skin … Read more

New Year’s MANTRA vs Resolution

Drop the Resolution & Create a Mantra It’s that time of year again! According to Merriam-Webster, Resolution is defined as “A formed decision to do or not do something. Intention, resolve, decision, aim, or aspiration.” Top resolutions include:  Weight loss Quit Smoking Learn something New Eat healthier – more exercise Get out of debt & … Read more

Please let me have Thanksgiving!

Ahh, Fall! Have you noticed that Christmas decorations went up before Thanksgiving even happened? I’m sorry but this is just wrong! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and it is for many of the people I know. Please let us enjoy it before you push Christmas on us. Here are the reasons why Thanksgiving is the … Read more