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This $7 Mexican Cream is the NERD Skincare Dupe We’ve All Been Waiting For.

In my lastest installment of “what ever shall I do about my awful cystic acne?” I found that sulfur was not only any awesome alternative to harsher acne-fighting ingredients (like benzoyl peroxide), but that it also completely dried out my cystic, hormonal acne.

Poof! Gone. Just like that.

NERD Skincare’s acne lotion was doing this trick for me, but this magical, scentless 3% sulfur water was killing my wallet. I went through an $85 bottle of the acne lotion every 3-4 weeks.

To make matters worse: add in international shipping and duties on top of that (when I’m in China), and it was seriously killing my budget. A whole week of eating out for every meal in China is about $50. How can I spend the same amount each month on food and 1 single OTC acne medication?!

But time and time again, when I tried to “dupe” NERD skincare’s acne lotion and switch it out with a more budget-friendly alternative, small little comedones began to pop up on my chin and neck–the kind that sometimes turned into pimples, sometimes turned into cysts, but definitely never went away without NERD’s acne lotion or antibiotics.

The last time I was in the States, I stocked up on any and every budget-friendly sulfur product I could find. Some were better than others, and definitely some had better packaging than others. As much as I hate to admit my bias toward beautiful things, it’s only human.

Finally, the second-to-last–and ugliest–product in my sulfur arsenal was ready for testing. 1 day later, I couldn’t believe the results.

Here she is: in the ugliest packaging known to (wo)man.

My miracle sulfur cream.

About the Product: Pomada De Azufre Sulfur Ointment By De La Cruz

So yes, a $7.70 product on Amazon Prime–or, Texans, just over $4 at your local HEB–replaced my NERD Skincare acne lotion. It’s not a true dupe – the packaging and experience leave a lot to be desired – but the fact that it gets the job done for less than 1/10th of the price is certainly good enough for me.

If you can find anything in English about this Sulfur Pomade, it says:

Powerful acne medication. No preservatives. No artificial fragrance. Penetrates the pores of the skin. Dries and clears pimples and blackheads. Helps to keep new pimples and blackheads from forming. Oil‑free, water‑washable base. For the treatment of acne. Penetrates the pores and dries and clears pimples and blackheads. Helps to keep new pimples and blackheads from forming.

The claims are not too over-the-top. It’s hard to say whether the product is truly without preservatives (and if the shelf life can be more than 12 months because of this), because the ingredient list gives no indication. It for sure has no artificial fragrances, because it smells like a giant sulfur fart.

I have not been able to find a full ingredient list yet (I suspect that the Mexican equivalent of the FDA is not as stringent) but everywhere I looks says:

Active Ingredient: Sulfur, USP (10%). Inactive Ingredients: A Mixture of Polyethylene Glycols.

So sulfur and moisturizing glycols. Okay. That’s all we know.


User Experience (and how to make it better): Pomada De Azufre Sulfur Ointment By De La Cruz

Um, so. It looks and smells like the mixture that you pour back into eggs when making deviled eggs.

It’s a thick yellow goop that really does smell like sulfur. The smell reminds me of West Baden Springs/French Lick down in Indiana, but if you’re not familiar, maybe more like a fart? That smell doesn’t go away once you use the cream, by the way. It’s there until you wash every single milligram of it off of your face.

The cream is thick and spreads on with a warming sensation. How it does this, I have yet to figure out. (Does it have zeolite inside? Is there something that I’m fundamentally overlooking here? What type of exothermic chemical reaction is happening on my skin right now and should I be worried about it?).

Shine Brightening Face Oil

I had a hard time spreading it over my face without feeling like I was applying the thickest, stinkiest face cream ever, so every time I scooped up a bit with my fingers, I also added a few drops of SHINE. The two mixed perfectly together and covered that sulfur STANK, which is inevitable with a 10% sulfur cream.

With SHINE + Sulfur together, I had a pretty good overnight face mask that was:

  • Acne-fighting
  • Toning
  • Moisturizing and
  • Non-comedogenic

(Read more about how and why SHINE works here)

It’s only been 3 days, but so far the results are as good or better than when I was using NERD’s acne lotion. The fact that the cream (which appears to be an emulsion) mixes so well with SHINE is a big bonus for me. It was difficult to get SHINE to really soak into my skin before, as the NERD “lotion” was literally a water and SHINE is literally an oil. The two just didn’t mix.


Takeaways: Pomada De Azufre Sulfur Ointment By De La Cruz

Honestly, all I can say is that if you are suffering from:

  • Hormonal Acne
  • Cystic Acne
  • Inflammatory Acne
  • Comedones
  • Jawline and/or Peri-oral acne
  • Uneven skintone from blackheads or inflammation


Hop on over to, add it to cart, buy with Prime and it will arrive in 1-3 days. The results are instant, drying in the best way (dries acne), non-drying in the other best way (doesn’t dry your entire face) and undeniable. Not to mention, a heck of a lot cheaper.

This was a seriously good find, and will stay at the top of my acne products list.

Until next time ~


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  • Hey girl !!
    So how do long do you keep the mask on ?
    Thank you ❤️

    • Hi Louise! I still use this cream every single day 🙂 It’s been phenomenal for my inflammatory / cystic acne. I usually mix it half and half with our Jasmine SHINE, then wear it all night. I use a wet washcloth and gently scrub off any residue in the morning.

  • Hey Megan!
    I’ll try to keep this short by you literally rocked my world with this post when I googled natural treatment for cystic acne for the millionth time. Boom. There it was answer to my prayers. Something I hadn’t tried and not acutane. I started pairing your shine oil and sulfur paste as an overnight cream.

    Flash forward 1 month later and my cystic acne is dramatically reduced. Bye bye inflamed nodules and nothing lingering below the surface. What. Is this real life? 15 years and some cheap sulfur paste has changed the game.

    I’m shocked. I still have MAJOR discoloration and scars but I feel like I can for the first time in my life see a future with just B.B. cream. Amazing.

    Here’s the only problem, I do feel really dry. So others have mentioned the texture is different in a good way. Mine, however is not. Have you experienced this? I’m thinking maybe I need a micro-derm paste to aid in the cycle of shedding? Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    Also, staining my pretty white sheets and pillow cases. I guess that’s the cost of “almost” normal skin?

    Again, any feedback is great. Thank you thank you thank you for blogging about this miracle stinky yellow paste. Game changer.

    • Awesome!! I love reading comments like this, because I know first-hand how truly AWFUL cystic acne is. I still very clearly remember my best friend seeing my jawline one summer day and visibly FLINCHING at it. Ugh!! So painful.

      So yes, the shedding can be uncomfortable. Generally, I would say to limit the amount of harsh chemicals that are coming into contact with your skin – for example, your cleanser. I don’t know what you use now, but a low pH cleanser like Glossier’s Milky Jelly, almost any milky jelly Korean cleanser or even Cetaphil will help your skin retain it’s moisture. Surfactants are so stripping that I have to ask about the cleanser, because it’s usually the culprit.

      I also just answered another question below about my updated routine. I still use Milky Jelly Cleanser, but after reading some thoughts from the founder of Drunk Elephant, I stopped using chemical sunscreens and started using a strong AHA/BHA combo every night. Now, I rarely need to use this sulfur cream (score!). I still go through cycles, but in general my skin has cleared up a LOT.

      Then – you won’t even believe this – I can use any moisturizer I want. I’m not worried about product interactions, overdoing it, oils, etc. It’s all good. So I’ve been using CosRx’s 99% snail mucin (hoping for that Korean “glass skin” – I can aim for the stars, right?), our (Amalie Beauty’s) Persimmon Anti-aging night creme, and Laneige’s water sleeping masking – as well as their lip mask.

      It’s the middle of winter, and my skin is hydrated, NOT shedding, and new inflammatory acne has been kept at bay. I’m living the best (mostly) acne-free period of my life that I can remember, since I was 11. My fiancé cannot stop commenting on how good my skin looks. The first thing my best (guy) friend said when he saw me after being gone for several months was “Dang, you look good!” I’ll take it.

      The pillow case? I think it’s part of it. Just make sure that your face is clear of residue in the morning before applying your physical sunblock.

      Again, so glad it’s worked for you! Keep at it. From discovering sulfur to where I’m at now took a full year+

  • do you use the nerd cleanser and nourishing cream during the day? you you use anything else when you use the sulfur ointment/shine combo?

    • I didn’t, no. I use Glossier’s Milky Jelly cleanser and then I’d use NERD’s “acne lotion” at night. It worked the best of anything and smelled like nothing (a huge upside), but was just too expensive to keep up with for me. I’d go through a full bottle every 2 weeks.

      I still use Milky Jelly cleanser, then follow up with the Mexican cream. Now I just use it as a spot treatment, sparingly. (More on that at the bottom).

      The Mexican cream is only $7 and I still have yet to finish a full bottle. The downsides are that it smells AWFUL, it’s thick and warming when applied, so you do have to mix it with an oil (like SHINE) to cut it. Otherwise, it’s hard to spread onto your skin. If it gets in your clothes, it’s really hard to get the smell out. You really have to rinse off any residue in the morning, because if the sun hits it – even if you have sunscreen on – it will smell like dark, burnt fart. I don’t even know how to describe how awful the smell truly is. I spent about 2 months in Thailand this fall and that really heavy, burnt fart smell seemed to follow me around like a shadow. But.. I didn’t have any acne!

      Other updates: I no longer use chemical sunscreens and religiously use a strong AHA at night. This has reduce my inflammatory jaw acne by about 80%. I only need to use the Mexican cream as a spot treatment every now and then.


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